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    As the B Board hs been down for a while and the old posts lost for now, I thought I would kind of start over. Some new parts coming soon that you might be interested in.

    New G23RC Mystery Motor. There is a new RC Motor that has 4 bolts holding the cylinder on like the old G2DHP. We will have some as early as next week.

    New HE23FP to arrive next week.

    New Line of replacement parts like, pistons, recoil starters, chrome fan covers, chrome/plastic spark plug covers being released by Superior Products....approx 3 to 5 weeks.

    New Hi Tech, Hi Silicone, Hyperutectic Friction coated, profiled thin ring racing pistons for G23LH, G2D & G23 RC in about 3 weeks

    Superior Avenger Scooters to be available through dealers.

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    Long Block Assy

    ADA will soon be carrying a replacement "Long Block Assy" for the popular G23RC. We already have one for the G23LH. It is a superior product. For those of you that dont want to spend all the money for a complete RC, you can transfer your G23LH parts like Ignitions, Flywheel and HP carbs from your G23LH and have a complet hy-brid, including Cylinder, Crank, piston, and cases complete and ready to bolt up. Estimate time 4 weeks. We already have one for the G23LH you can see here


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      New Engines to arrive 4/2/03

      Click to see our new HE23ZR Engine that will be for sale on 4/2/03. It is a direct replacement for the Zenoah G23RC at a nice price. It has that same great Quality that all of the Superior Engine Products are now becoming famous for. Clisk to see


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        New Hybrid Long Block Coming

        We just received notification from our manufacturer that the new HE23HP Hybrid Long Block assemblies will be available around 4/25/03. You now have an easy way to convert that LH to an affordable hybrid. Rather than just using a G23RC Cylinder that does not match to the G23LH Cases, you can get the entire rotating and reciprocating parts, including Cylinder, Crankcase, Pistons Assy, and Crankshaft as a matched set. Click for information and pricing