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    Sorry if this post is inappropriate for this forum, but ATVers in our area are in need of your help.
    We've proposed a new trail complex, but have been met with some resistance. Apparrantly, there are a few environmentalists (about 20) who are fighting this proposal.
    The following info will explaing how you can make a difference. We would appreciate your support and I hope you choose to be proactive and help us in this effort.

    It has been requested to the City Council, City of Seminole, Oklahoma to approve motorcycle and ATV trails at the local city-owned lake (Sportsman Lake). For this to happen, we will need your support.
    Seminole is located about 55 miles east of OKC at the intersection of Hwy 9 & Hwy 99 (US 377).

    We're asking all ATVers and motorcyclist to help with our campaign. All we have to do is show that there is ample support for the trails and we can get them approved.

    If you would like to help, here's what you can do:

    a) Simply write a letter/email addressed to:

    Mayor Billy Choate
    401 N. Main
    Seminole, Oklahoma

    voicing your support for the trails. Email it to me at [email protected] and I'll present it to the Mayor and City Council.


    b) Email me at [email protected] and I'll email you a petition to pass around to your friends. Once they have all signed the petition, simply fax the petition back to me with a number I will provide for you. Some guys have been taking the petition to ATV & motorcycle dealers, repair shops and parts houses. They leave the petition there for a few days and then pick it up once it's full of signatures. This is a great way to get signatures.

    If you would like to see more places to ride, help us with this effort.

    If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post them here or email me and I will answer them for you.

    Thanks for your support,
    James Hale
    Seminole, Ok.

    I met with the city Public Works Director and our Consumer Services Director today at 1:00 pm to go over our proposal and ask for their input.
    While I was there, the President of our local Equestrian Riders Club and our Mayor came in (not knowing I was there) and handed the Public Works Director a binder full of about 150 letters stating that the Equestrian Riders "now want" the proposed ATV area to expand their existing horse trails. They want to take the only available land left at the lake and designate it as equestrian trials ONLY!! They already have about 950 acres of land for their trails, and now they want the land we are asking for (about 450 acres). So, now our goals have changed from "asking" for some previously unused property for ATV trails, to having to "fight the equestrian riders for it".

    You see, the equestrian riders have been against this proposal all along. This wasn't mentioned before because we were trying to be respectful and not make this into an "us against them" issue. Well, now they've forced us to take off the kid gloves and get serious. We hope you'll get serious with us. Keep those letters coming!!! And ask your friends to get involved and write a letter too. We need every one we can get.

    If you would like to CALL our Mayor and voice your concerns, here is his number (405) 382-2280.

    And here is the number to City Hall (405) 382-4330. Ask for Steve Saxon (City Manager).

    Thank you for your support, and we thank those who have already emailed us their letter. Together, we WILL WIN on this issue.

    James Hale