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What's a go-quad like?

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  • What's a go-quad like?

    I've never even seen one in person. Are they more fun than gopeds? Where do you ride? Are duallys necessary? How about a live axle? Beadlocks? Any other comments?

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    I wouldn't say they are more fun than gopeds, just different. I've mostly used them in empty parking lots, and a couple times on un-trafficked roads late at night. I don't think duallys are necessary, but I think beadlocks are valuable, as my friend with more quad experience told me he's had tires come off, particularly when worn down. A live axle is beneficial for handling. I believe the non-live axle quads accelerate through one wheel, and brake through the other which leads to weird behavior.


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      Very interesting, thanks. If I ever see one and the price isn't terrible, I'm sure I'll be tempted. Something to think about at least!