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  • Adamike:

    Your avatar is ****ing godly.

    Cox has taken me to hell and back. im getting 1.5 down when they advertise 4.5 and they send 999 technictions to me and they say the problem is on my side

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    I would have to ban myself if we get started *****in about those cox suckers. I feel your pain.


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      Originally posted by ADAmike
      I would have to ban myself if we get started *****in about those cox suckers. I feel your pain.
      I hate there tech Support. Back in the day when I was computer Illeterate, on my old computer, the Dipstick had me delete a ton of the registry, withOUT backing anything up. Needles to say I ended up Having to reinstall windows and Im never callin them AGAIN.

      But there service is Blazing fast, My connection is like on-par with T2.
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        Cox is being a bunch of whining pieces of ****. i try to use online tech support, after looking for it, i use the ECare chat thing. i type in my problem, and was connected within 10 mins, only to be instantly disconnected by the tech. after saying my problem was with a member of ECare disconnecting me, it took about 10 seconds for a manager to accept it and ask what happened and how they could help, only to say oh you will have to call in and talk to a tech, and then said have a nice day. *******s. the tech didnt do ****, said it was on my side, i told him it was BS and that many of my friends are having download problems. he said he couldnt help for now, and i hung up on them. after having only my dad call, theyre sending out a tech in a day or two to check it all out. advertised 4megabit, and im at 1.5, advertised .5 megabit up, and im at .5

        obviously scamming on the download speed, when i used to peak at 4 before summer... and my computer is perfect, with a direct line running around my house to the box.. no way is it my fault that its running so slow.
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          yeah i get disconnected every 10 ****ing minutes, it's getting rediculous. Last time they came here they found out a cable was ****ing FRIED from their end. And im getting this bull****.
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            Comcast is the shiz.
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              Originally posted by inott40
              Comcast is the shiz.
              I second that.


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                I'm pretty happy with my Time Warner cable... good service, pretty idiot proof.