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Hello anybody still here?

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  • Hello anybody still here?

    I guess we’ve come a long way since the first 0RCs came out. Miss how it used to be. Anyone working on any new ped products?

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    I try and ride my gtr at least once a week and i pop on hear about once a month just because activity is so low. Always checkin davesmotors for new products


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      Cool to see another old member coming back! Been working hard on my fleet here's where I am at now! Got a bit of everything for any type of riding!!


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        That’s a heck of a fleet. I think you have a goped hoarding problem haha. Nice to scene a whole collection. I haven’t invested any money into my fleet in a couple years. Not any people to ride with, unless I let them use one of mine lol. And have gotten into surfing and trout fishing a lot more lately and just don’t have the time. Excuses excuses. I do ride the Bigfoot though every summer. Still using the ported LH. Still starts up 1st to 2nd pull every time. Most reliable engine I’ve every owned and still pulls 26 mph on a 0.750 spindle. Any the cable clutch system still works. The others I just turn over a few times a year. I’ll pull the peds out for pics one of these days
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          Originally posted by f1gopedder View Post
          Cool to see another old member coming back! Been working hard on my fleet here's where I am at now! Got a bit of everything for any type of riding!!

          These look really cool. After I buy property in Athens in September I will get on of those as well to ride outside on the promenade. Can't wait.


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            Sold my Martin SuperBeast awhile back . Was not riding anymore . The Harley gets full attention these days .
            "Everything you read on the internet is not entirely accurate"- Abraham Lincoln


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              When did the Billetboard pop back up?????
              HOW we ride today, may determine IF we can ride tomorrow


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                It’s been here. Went down for a quick moment for maintenance, and deciding whether to keep it going or not. A few adjustments were made. Welcome back SJ.


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                  Just join ✋ gsr29r


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                    Welcome to the board Rick