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What will a ADA head give me over stock?

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  • What will a ADA head give me over stock?

    I have a 2003 1100 zxi. What will installing a ADA head give me over stock?How much MPH and acceleration?What other mods are needed if any?I just want bolt on easy stuff Im not mechanically inclined.Thanks
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    A billet interchangeable dome head is one of the best modifications that can be done to the 1100 zxi. You will notice quite a bit of acceleration and throttle response and approximately 2-3 mph top speed. I am not sure if they changed the carburation on the 2003 compared to earlier models, but on the earlier models the head completly cleaned up the low end bogging problems that the Zxi suffered from. Your best bet is to run the 30cc domes with 92octane pump fuel. Installation is pretty simple if you follow the instructions and torque the head down properly.


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      I got a couple more ?s

      Thanks for responding. I was looking at a stage one kit a shop sold with the 32cc domes. Kit included prop, ADA head,Tau Ceti Flame arresters, rejet kit, and water bypass.How much is a 32 cc dome head for my ski?And where can I get more info on it? Are the domes held in place with any pins?TO prevent spinning when tighning down plugs?Thanks


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        The head is here domes included,you choose the dome size.

        The head utilized a triple plane dome locking design the requires no pins. The domes will not spin while tightening the spark plugs. You might want to consider the 30 cc domes instead though they are the best combination for 92 octane fuel on that ski.