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    Hey, I'm new to this forum, hope to become active in it.

    I recently bought a Polaris MSX 140. I was wondering if anyone knows whether ADA will produce a racing head for this craft.

    We had them on our other skis, a 2000 Yamaha XL800, Yamaha XL1200.

    Hubby has bought a 2002 Yamaha GP1200 and will put the ADA racing head on it.

    If anyone knows I would surely appreciate any comments...

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    At this time the only new head that we have in the works is for the new Kawasaki 800 stand-up. I am actually not familiar with the new MSX140. That is not a 4-stroke is it? If we did any new heads for the Polaris, it would be for the Octane. But, we talked about making that one last year and that's about as far as we got unfortunately.
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      I am saddened... I was so hoping...

      The new Polaris MSX140 is a two stroke style musclecraft. Direct Injection, High output. No carbs. A completely new engine at 1192ccs. Bigger than the Yamis xls and Gprs and the Kawis ultra.

      The MSX150 and MSX110 are four strokes, but the release date on those are questionable.

      If anyone knows who will be researching MSX aftermarket performance parts, please give me a hollar, I am most interested.