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  • MY cag

    New outta the box stripping and modding as we speak (type)

    Soon to be one of the fastest all ADA mod Bikes outthere

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    dam that is a sweet bike!!! wat all are you doin to it?? get some pics once u get all the mods on!!
    freestyle goped sport!!!


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      u got good mods

      my mods are not wankmaterial boody mods, sure a good body mod looks kool and all but i like speed my poket bike has been mod ed for boosts it has an oxygen tank strait on to the air intake it hammers untill it runns out of oxygen

      incase of all u newbs that dont have a qlue pls dont copy it wont work your jets are probably to small

      i hade to basicaly bild a whole new carby it has an air tight sill so my bike can idel i run out of go jucie in 10 min on my bike


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        your trippin, lets see some pics there hotshot