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  • it is guys......finally............

    Installed : Hpbilletcarb, billet v-stack, billet manifold, Racing piston,
    ada racing reed valve, ported and polished cylinder, racing exhaust, 63tooth
    rear racing sprocket, Rocket key, and lightened flywheel[cut the fly wheel myself]. and also my red cag, i installed blada b1 origami faring.

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    heres mine :-)

    megacag setup: (all internal work done by me. :-) )
    Big bore, metal spacer (+2.3mm), FCC, polished case (internal), port and polished exhaust port (30mm wide, 2mm off the roof, and ~1.5mm to match BTC of the piston), squish set to ~0.3mm =< .5mm, walbro 668 15.7mm-12mm-15.7mm, jetpro pipe, ada filter, adv. timing key, ada fuel line kit, FG reed, gsxr steering damper mod, ball bearing chain guides, 6/60 setup.. hmm and i think thats it..

    i still need to balance and tune my megacag ;-) i ran it the other day, and it easily does wheelies and road up to ~42 mph untill it bogged. (not so bad with stock tuning on the walbro 668)
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      So, have you tuned out the bog on the top end? Just putting the ip2 pipe on mine gave me nothing but top end bog no matter how I adjusted the Walbro. Next step XR50 carb!

      The swap, so far: (I need to get the yellow grips off )


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        i finally got it to idle perfectly and it starts in one pull. but as for top end, i haven't yet. it shakes way too much. i still need to counter balance the whole setup and get my upper mount fixed.

        hey, you should check out the walbro WJ series carbs. they have the same 31mm bolt pattern for the 668, and the bore is around 22mm! im debating if i should get one.. let me know how the fcc is going. nice frame btw.. i wish i had one!!!


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          dude where the **** did you get that sick frame !? : )

          tblumer where can i find your frame bud? and mega how the hell you get that damper in there : ) how does the steering feel?

          Guys what else mods are out there for me??


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            one more thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            tblumer you said your exhaust is ip2 on the pic. Where did you get it!
            and does it fit 47cc cags without alterations?


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              CrotchMachine,The frame is from a Lucky 7 style pocketbike, hit up SUX2BU on the pocketbikeplanet forums, he parts them out. I got it from him for $75 shipped.Wayyyyy better quality than the normal hf and ff frames. As far as the pipe, you can get it thru:{D6DCA4C4-5723-41B0-81F8-946E147EB97F}
              If I was to do it again I'd probably wait for the ADA pipe, looks like it's modeled off the Polini style pipe, mostly likely better across the board gains. The ip2 pipe is more of a top end pipe.

              Mega, I just won an auction for a xr50 carb and motion pro throttle set up gonna give that a try, I'm pretty sure that theres no way I'm gonna get the wt to work thru the whole powerband with my set-up. I'll have to check out those wj's. Keep us posted on the megacag!


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                BTW,I want this bike, it looks badass!


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                  dam all those bikes are sweet!!! i really like the last one though!!
                  freestyle goped sport!!!


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                    sweet dude~

                    thanks tblumer i got that info. i e-mailed sux2bu for da frame.
                    and i think i'll wait for the ada exhaust.


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                      i got lucky on the damper. i have the first gen cag frame. i used a suzuki steering damper (2001 GSXR), and changed the oil to 20wt. the steering is very smooth. the bike feels alot more solid on the turns with the damper. check out ebay for some used GSXR or similar dampers. you may get lucky and pick one up for 10 bucks :-)

                      tblumer, let me know how the carb goes. im getting impatient with the 668. it still hesitates at top end / WOT...:-( i'll give it a couple more days tuning; if it goes bad, i'll prob pick up a different carb. :-)


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                        Mega, I had the same problem. I pretty sure the wt carbs cant provide enough fuel at wot to compensate for the increased flow of the bb head and ip2 pipe, let alone adding the fcs into the mix. Mine worked great on a mildly modded engine(bb head,stock pipe,stock reeds) but seems like it can't keep up now. XR 50 carb should be here this week, for now I'm using the adj. jet and tapered needle.