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Durability issues

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  • Durability issues

    I'v heard that these pocket bikes tend to break a lot of times and 99 out of a 100 you will not be able to find the parts to fix it.. So if ada like really pushed these things and see the most common broken parts maybe they could make those parts out of aluminum or any other nessecary materials.. Just a thought.. But then if you did that there would be no need for people to go out and buy Polini or Blata bikes they could just purchase a chines one a upgrade it with ada's parts and make it bullet proof.. What do you guys think?

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    Muahahaha Not in az. SpeedwayScooters has everything You Need. ADA- If You think Im Spaming, Please Let me Know and Ill change my Post.

    I work at speedway scooterst and we Specilizes in all the China Scoots and So of course we have all the Pocket Bike stuff. If anything Breaks, weve got the Replacement. My Boss is Good Freinds With the Main distributer for the Arizona, and His name is Peter. Now peter Gets everything Strait From China, you should See the ware House, Its Crazy! Now Im Just trying to get my boss to get rid of all the china Scoots, I dont mind The Pocket Bikes though, and Mainly sell Gopeds.
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      Oh sorry i never knew they sold parts.. I guess then ada wouldn't really need to make better parts if they can get so many replacement ones.. That would be kinda cool if they did though. Different plastics to model actual bikes would be cool too. Hayabusa..