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pocket bike trouble

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  • pocket bike trouble

    i just bought a pocket bike n recieved it yesterday and it will not run for 2 mins when i am on it what should i do its a 47cc bike also

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    Inside the fuel shut off switch is a rubber grommet. It has 4 holes in it. It's getting twisted and bunched up and it's cutting off your fuel supply.

    you need to take the grommet out, bore our the 4 holes and put the grommet and shut off switch back on the carb.

    Be careful when taking out the grommet, you have to remember where all the parts go.


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      It could also be the gas cap. Some of the stock gas caps do not seem to vent properly. To test this, open the cap a slight amount and be careful when riding as to not spill gas. If this is the case, you can either get a trick looking billet aluminum gas cap from ADA Racing or try drilling the small hole in the stock gas cap a little larger. Again, if this is the problem, do not ride around with your gas cap not tightened, you could start yourself on fire!
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        thanks for the help i just sold it buyin a more expensive better quality bike