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Super Pocket Bike Chain Problem

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  • Super Pocket Bike Chain Problem

    My friend has a 49cc super pocket bike with the bigger frame. It has two chains on it, and they are a very weird size. They are not the h or #25 that comes on the little pocket bike. They are an 8mm pitch chain with very fat links. I have tried to find this chain everywhere close to me with no luck. I have contacted over 20 supposed "dealers" to find about availability, only to be told they are waiting for a parts shipment that should be here "sometime next month". If anybody has any idea where I might find some of this chain now, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Chain Problems?


    These folks have the largest selection of Pocket Bike racing parts on the planet. I am on my third bike and this is the only place I will deal with.

    They just opened a chat line focussing on performance, check it out.

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      chain prob.

      if you have an x1/x2 style bike and the chain link pins are a half inch apart then it uses a bicycle chain and there are many of those to choose from.such as colored chains to heavy duty bmx&freestyle chains.