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chinese pocket bike bearing problem

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  • chinese pocket bike bearing problem

    i just bought a chinese pocket bike and it was a blast until i blew out a wheel bearing and dropped the chain, after an hour of riding. i found some replacements and installed them. the problem im having is lining up the chain and chain guard. the guard bolts dont want to line up with the brackets. you can get one in but not the other. also the chain seems to be in the way. does the chain ride on the spacers (or rollers)? the wheel is straight, but im not sure if i got the spacers in right. there are two on the brake side and one on the sprocket side, all different sizes. i laid them out as i took them off, but they could have gotten mixed up, my son was "helping" me. ive tried all possible combos, but something is not right. if anyone has any info or diagrams that would be awesome. the diagram in the owners manual is not the same as my bike. the guard brackets on the frame are offset, but the bolts on the guard are not. did i drop a spacer or something? i understand the bearings are a problem, so if anyone has seen this your help would be appreciated.