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brakes rubbing & performance exhaust!

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  • brakes rubbing & performance exhaust!

    Hey I just got a new X2 CVT Ninja and I'm having a problem with the brakes. They rub really bad to a point where they smell and also when I let of the gas, I dont even have to apply the brakes because it slows down by itself. I tried adjusting them in every way and they still rub but not as bad. Its really starting to get to me and I need to fix it. Also, they say to break the engine in I have to leave the air gate closed but the bike doesnt even run with it closed!!! One last thing, is this exhaust worth it:



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    We have 2 different 49cc pocketbikes and both of them have rubbing brakes, one in the front the other in the rear. We just had to remove them, as the mounting brackets are welded on crooked. The quality on these things are horrible!
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      Yeah I got two of them and the other one just came in the other day and the brakes rub on it too. I can't believe it! So what are you going to do about it, try and weld it back on correctly?


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        do your brakes rub???

        you need to remove the caliper. set caliper over disc and notice how much space is between caliper and bracket. what i used were nuts that were the correct width drilled the threads so bolt would slide through then retighten. stock bolts were long enough. works on frt.&rr. then you can adjust brakes so wheel rolls smooth through caliper . mine rolls great and stops quite well.
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          Originally posted by thadd677
          One last thing, is this exhaust worth it:

          No, those suck!

          Heres what ya want!
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