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New Jetmoto 49cc Ninja style has carb problems

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  • New Jetmoto 49cc Ninja style has carb problems

    Hello guys, first post.......glad I found this place. We just started our new pocket bike yesterday and it idles great but as soon as I give it gas it just dies I tried adjusting the screw but it's not responsive unless you crank it all the way in or out then it runs rougher. If I leave the choke about 1/4 on then it will rev but doesn't like to idle.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated! A carb manual would be nice.


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    A lot of the Chinese pocketbikes have carbs that just don't work. They seem to have a hard time keeping their carbs consistent. It is best to replace the stock carb with a Japanese manufactured Walboro carb.

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      Cool, thanks! I also had the choke in the wrong position. I guess off is on and on is off. I can throttle it, but it won't idle for more then 5 seconds and the adjusting screw doesn't seem to be verry responsive so I probably still need the better carb.

      One bike shop that deals in the higher ended stuff said 25:1 is too much and 40:1 would make it run much better. Sounded like he was familiar with the lower quality stuff, he new about the choke. He also said the spark plugs are junk and to replace it.

      Good info or what???


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        Hey I got two X2's and have the same problem. I solved it by adjusting the throttle cable. Take off the gas tank cover and then the seat. You can now see where the throttle cable goes to if you turn it and see how it works. There is a screw that pushes into the throttle to adjust it. Tighten this screw so it moves the throttle a little bit. Now it will basically gives the scooter more throttle without you doing anything. My bike idles fine now.