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    My x-1 is a week old and the electric start doesnt work. I tested the battery charger and that works. I just bought and brand new battery and the electic start still doenst work but everything else works like the lights, horn and turn signals. So i have no clue what is wrong. Has anyone else had this problem or can tell me what is wrong. I think it is a loose connection but not sure

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    Use a volt meter and see if you have voltage going to the starter when you press the start button. You need to see where the power stops at, and that will be your problem part.
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      help again

      thanx for the help the first time and theres something wrong with the starter. Lately we have been noticing that it has been realllllllllly hard to start. You have to pump the primer about 5 million time for it to try to start not to mention how many times you have to pull. so do u think there is something it the carberator like a piece of dirt in the pilot jet or something I appreciate all the help.


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        try this


        Maybe you want to make sure the fuel line is not pinched.
        For your starter, are you holding the rear break while pressing the button?

        I know this is not the kind of high tech answer you may be looking for but sometimes the simplest things are overlooked.I do not mean to be insulting.

        Let me know what solution you found to your problem...

        Thank you,


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          yes for the electric start, the starter is a goner so the guy who we bought it from is sending us a new one and the reason it is not starting well is it isnt getting enough gas because when we spray starting fluid in it it starts on the first or second pull. So we are going to clean it out and then hopefully no more problems but thanks for the suggestions.