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installed stalker muffler and basic intake

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  • installed stalker muffler and basic intake

    I was tired of how loud my X2 was so I decided to buy a stalker muffler and a basic intake to go along. Installation was a little tough because its hard to get to certain bolts to get the stock exhaust off. But once its off its easy to install. Bolts right up to the engine and shoots out the side by the pull start. At first I was worried about my shoes and legs heating up but it was fine. The intake was simple to install. The stalker exhaust is more quiet during WOT and about the same at idle. I'm very happy with both items. The bike just runs better overall - smoother, quicker and not as loud. It accelerates faster and has a better top speed. I gained about 5-7 mph with both of these! I have a juicebox coming tomorrow so I'll keep everyone updated on that.