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broken belt on CVT transmission

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  • broken belt on CVT transmission

    I was riding my bike and it was going pretty slow for some reason. The next thing I know I hear a pop, the engine rev's and the bike doesnt go anywhere. The chain was on so I got it home and took off the black cover of the CVT to find that the rubber belt snapped. Where can I pick up a new one of these?

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    Take the broken belt to a NAPA. They'll have something that will work fine.


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      NAPA and Autozone didn't have anything small enough. I ended up going to some transmission place to get one. I bought an 18 and 19 inch belt. The 18 fit snug but was TOO tight and the back tire didn't want to move for some reason. The 19 was to big and slipped. Next thing I know the left pulley with the spring breaks. Now I have to buy a whole new CVT. I'm starting to think these things aren't worth putting money into anymore if they are just going to keep breaking. China sure made some pieces of **** this time.


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        halla! china any thing suck
        he23hp longblock, hp carb,tgn filter ,sikk 1 pipe,rokit key,polished everthing


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          im guessing you needed a metric belt like in millimeters, im just guessin though, im geting my x2 tomarrow, hope the cvt doesnt crap out too