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  • brake problem

    the rear brake on m cat-eye is rubbing, and killing my speed.i know that u losen it by wire cathcer put i dont wanna move it cuz the spring wont compress then. wut do i do?

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    huked on foniks werked fer mee.

    Try adjusting the cable at the lever. Then if it is stull rubbing, adjust the caliper with the finger nut at the wheel. THEN.... if it is still dragging you can ad some slack by lostening the nut that holds the cable. Only let that move 1/8th inch!!


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      Brake Rub Problem!!!!!!!!

      what i had to do was remove caliper and set caliper over disc and notice how much space is between caliper and bracket. what i used were nuts that were the correct width,but not all 4 nuts were the same width(this is kinda important to be able to adjust brake caliper correctly) i then drilled the threads out so the bolt would slide through,retighten the caliper with nuts between caliper and bracket.then you can adjust brake cable so that disc rolls smooth (or barely rubs) through caliper. works the same on front and rear. my bike gained 7mph. and stops on a dime, i have an x1.
      hope this helps.


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        Mine I Took It Off,im Just Using Front Brake......still Works!~