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x1/x2/ cc?

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  • x1/x2/ cc?

    just wondering what the real cc's are, this guys' selling replacement parts and says the x1 is 43cc and the x2 is 49cc, do you think this is true? i kinda believe him just cause it seems as though he buys bikes and just sells the parts. can some one verify? compression test?

    heres the link
    X1, X2 pocket bike CVT gearbox, plastic body part, pocketbike chain, pocket bike muffler, pocketbike repair parts.

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    i think it is a 49cc because i can beat my cousins pocket bike and he has a 47cc and mine is a X-1.


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      Iwas told that there are a few different motors that were used. There are some 43's 47's & 49's. The real question: Is that really 49cc's

      The only real way to know is do a volume test, and I dont have that equipment.


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        yea some of them are 43cc because the ones without the turn signals on the X-1 look alikes are the 43cc i think you buy those at like pep boys or something.