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47cc problems plez helps

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  • 47cc problems plez helps

    hey i just bought a new 47cc pocket bike and i have been experiencing some problems there is a layer of oil in the exhaust pipe and around the area where the exhaust is bolted on. Some times when i am riding and i try to open the throttle up it stalls for a second then starts slow again and i also was wondering what performance parts are recommended any comments welcome
    Thanx alot

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    what is your gas and oil mixed at


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      reeds are very inexpensive and make a tremendous improvement in low end responsiveness..

      the engine seems to start easier as well. However, if you add reeds with a stock airfilter, you will need to remove the foam and internal plastic cage part of the airbox. (reeds tend to richen the mixture and you need to lean it out a tad by removing that part)


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        please dont remove the sponge from your filter, this could and probably will lead to the main bearings and the big end bearing being damaged, change the filter to a high flow filter but dont run without unless your willing to rebuild your engine often,


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          ok thanks for the feedback
          i am running 25:1 because that is what the instructions say but i have been going to around 32:1
          i wanted to but a new reed valve but idk if my air filter will work i am using a ada billet air filter for the stock carb
          any ideas?


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            i was also wondering is it easy to put in a new reed cuz you can't download a pdf on the ada site?


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              Originally posted by needforspeed
              i was also wondering is it easy to put in a new reed cuz you can't download a pdf on the ada site?
              its really easy.

              i run 40:1 (91+ octane), 25:1 is good for break-in, 40:1 is good to ride, 50:1 is good for race

              hope that helps


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                hello mega!! i just woundering how do you mix into 40.1 or 50.1 race, the oil and gas ,how do i know if am running 25.1?!?!? ill just follow the instruction for the bottle came from the bike....can you give a little tips from you


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                  You carb may be running too rich also!
                  Do you have a Performance carb installed or simply the original one?
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