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X1 Pocket Bike Issues

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  • X1 Pocket Bike Issues

    Hey everyone. I just bought a X1 pocket bike, and got it today. I took everything out of the box and assembled and it won't run. I've charged it for a couple of hours now approximately 6-7 hours. I pressed the gas bubble but can't get it running. The electric doesn't work when I take it off the charger, but when its on the charger, the horn and signals work just fine. When I try to jump start it and give gas it starts, but the gas doesn't work (like you give gas and the wheels don't rotate or do anything). Please help!


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    Edit: Ok I got the power working, I forgot to put it into the fuse But it still doesn't start, pull or eletric :-/


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      i found how to start my x1 the easiest by putting a ngk spark plug in it and ajust the carb a little. I got a special starting method off the internet, first you give it two light pulls with the choke off and no gas, then turn the choke on and hold the brake and give it gas and pull it 1-2 times(it should try to start) then turn the choke off, hold the brake and give it gas then it should start. FYI: my starter for the electric got burned out the first week i had it so i told the guy and he's sending me a new one


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        It seems to me that many are not holding the Rt brake lever down when trying the starter button. You must hold the Rt brake!

        No start after that check the plug gap.

        Actually, a NGK 2746 is a FAR better plug for that motor.


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          yeah thats what kind of plug im using, it helps the motor start better and it gives you more power