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  • newb question

    hey i have a few questions on this bike i was wanting to get....

    is this the basic cag ?

    do you think the parts were made in italy like they say ?

    do you really think it has a 4.2 hp engine ?

    if you post plz answer those questions....

    and if you have 1 of these bike tell me what you think of it


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    some1 plz post

    i really need these qustions answerd it would be greatly appreciated



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      Lies and more lies from Evelocita

      Evelocita bikes are nothing but junk from China. I got my bike today and they are exactly the same ones you can find off at Just contact the dealers and you can get the same bikes for less than 1/5 of the cost of Evelocita. Tried returning the POS and nobody even picks up the phone. Emailed, and got no response.

      Evelocita guys are liars in claiming these bikes are American and Italian made. They are NOT. These are low end cheap junk. DO NOT BE FOOLED IN PAYING THEIR PREMIUM PRICES.


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        Thats crap man! I got my first minimoto from my big brother, an old ev1racer cause he was planning to buy a new one. This was 2 year back. Though i got this new ev1racer now but the older one is in my backyard and STILL operating. Yeh right DUH at chinese bikes. My brother had one such half fairing chinese scum earlier on. Yo man dave, you go with your gut feeling. most of the time ppl in here make noises just to be heard!