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How long does the battery of the X1 bike last?

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  • How long does the battery of the X1 bike last?

    I was riding in my neighborhood today and electric started it maybe 4-5 times. Now when i press the starter button, the motor wont start and it sounds like how i did before i charged it. Is there something loose in the motor or something or do i just need to recharge it? Also, my left headlight went out but i dun think its from the bulb, has anyone had this problem?

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    i get longer time out of my bat. like a week or so. and i ride alot. im not sure what the deal might be with that. but my left light goes out sometimes too. i just tap on it and it comes back on. the bike vibrates something i guess.


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      check ground wire.. make sure motor is grounded or get out ur fire extingisher Admin - A PocketBike Community


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        Charge the battery fully with each tank of fuel, and you'll be fine.


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          some people get bad batteries, my friend could start his like 5 times, i could get like 8 maybe more, these things suck at recharging there own battery