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Is my bike "bogging" at top speed?

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  • Is my bike "bogging" at top speed?

    Today i was riding my bike and right now its top speed is 25 i think. When i pass 20, the motor starts making this really weird sound and it doesn't sound normal. It kind of sounds like a fart can i guess, i'm not sure. What could this be from? I didnt wanna goto 25 cuz i was afraid something was wrong iwht the motor? What should i do to fix this?

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    I think your running to "RICH" to much air goin in''.....try to close your high end a little bit..


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      The thing is i didn't tamper with the carbeurator today, i just took a look at it, and yesterday, i didn't have this problem. Also, which screw are you talking about that makes it lean or rich or w/e. On my carbeurator, which is stock, there is one that is gold and then above it a matted silver one, and there is some wire that is in the groove of it that connects to the throttle cable. Which one?


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        Air/Fuel mixture screw is usually a flat head screw, and the idle adjustment is a phillips.


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          wait quickie, my gold screw, i thought it was just like a worn out flat head, but i think its a phillips head and the other screw that you told me was the mixture screw is flat head. so is the the one that is higher up the mixture screw?