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Which is the High end needle? or low end?

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  • Which is the High end needle? or low end?

    I just took a look at my carbeurator and there is a gold colored screw that is pretty low to the carbeurator. Then there is one next to it which is higher up and silverish. Which is the one i need to tune to get rid of bog high end? and which way would i turn it? THANK YOU!

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    please can someone help me with this


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      The gold screw you refer to is the mixture adjust screw. Since that carb has NO low end mixture adjust, its not called the 'high end' mixture adjust, just the mixture adjust.

      You tune the carb the same way you would with a REAL walbro carb, its just you dont have the ability to adjust your low end mix.


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        OK so if that is the mixture adjust screw, Then what is the other screw for? it needs a flat head screw driver to turn it also? What is this for then?


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          Does'nt the manual SUCK?

          That would be the idle speed adjust.


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            yeah it does suck lol, but someone just told me the screw you are telling me is the mixture adjust, someone told me that is the idle screw, and the other 1 with a flathead is the mixture adjust. The gold one is also a phillips head i think?