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Please take a look at these pictures and help me! PLEASE!

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  • Please take a look at these pictures and help me! PLEASE!

    I took a few pictures of my carb and i just want a full explanation to which screws do what....Sorry im a newb to this stuff!

    Here is my carb. Which needles do what?

    Tell me which screw is which corresponding with the color i circled them in

    One last thing! I'm getting a new air filter, and i'm thinking i have to remove this black piece

    But those 2 screws there won't budge! i don't know how to get them out!?


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    Red = Low Speed Mix
    Green = idle screw
    Blue = High Speed Mix

    Im not positive as I have never seen this carb before, but that would be my best guess.


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      BTW, your just going to have to try harder to get those air filter screws off, they are the ones you need to remove.


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        So are u pretty sure that screw on the bottom is the high end adjuster? When my choke lever is down to open, it has very poor acceleration but at 15 mph, it just takes off. I'm guessing i need to adjust the low end mixture then?


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          how did you do that?? i mean im trying to put picture here but i cant figure it out .....THANX...yeah u have to adjust it just play with it its not gona mess your bike anyway...


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            well i have a digital camera, and all u gotta do is goto a image hosting site like u make an account, upload your pics and then you can just post them here as image url's! it's very easy.


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              Turn the low speed screw IN "clockwise" (to lean the low speed mixture) 1/4 of a turn. If it gets worse, try the other way. 1/4 turns will get you close, then fine tune with 1/8 and 1/16ths of a turn.


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                screw identification

                hey X1Ryan the start and idle probs are very common and you are not the only one with this prob.first of all the yellow does nothing as this is where the throttle cable connects to the barrel valve,the red one controls the height of the needle for high speed (clockwise for leaner mix or counterclockwise for a richer mix,the green one is your idle adjustment and should be adjusted while engine is warm, adjust this one last . the blue one is your airscrew adjustment it controls the amount of air/fuel during low speed (clockwise richens,counterclockwise leans the mixture)you can tell how your bike is running by checking the sparkplug it should be not wet (which indicates rich) but more of a light brown. hope this helps.


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                  Red = throttle barrel main screw, does not get adjusted
                  Yellow = throttle linkage
                  Green = idle adjustment
                  Blue = Air/Fuel adjustment


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                    My two cents to what cookie said. The lowspeed settings need to be done right after bike has been ridden(warmed up) for 30 minutes or so.