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What are up with these X1'S!?

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  • What are up with these X1'S!?

    I know that i need to adjust my low speed needle, but i wanted to wait till my bike breaks in before i do this. Is this neccessary to wait, or should i just do it? Today while riding i ran into a problem. WHen i start up the bike the choke has to be a little closed almost opened but a little closed.

    WHen this finally sstarts, i ride it for a little and then i open it up all the way so i can go faster with the exception of poor lower acceleration. Then i started running into problems and the bike started to sound like it was on revving then shuts off, then turns on, then shuts off, and it kept going back and forth back and forth(this with the choke open). So i try to stop it by opening it a lil and the bike dies on me. I HAVE TO PUSH THIS THING 2 BLOCKS hOME!! AHHHH! lol ANyways, i just want to make one thing clear
    Is the red circled screw the low speed adjuster?
    Does the idle screw have anything to do with how long the bike can sit still in one spot before it stalls out and dies?THAAAAAAAANKKKKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!