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pocket bike screwed up any help?

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  • pocket bike screwed up any help?

    my 47cc bike is so f***ed up. when i start the motor and start riding i open up the throttle at all it just idles until i hit the throttle. Then it makes a little murmur and stalls. this sucks. Any help appreciated

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    Your problem could be a number of things. From

    Scooter Bogs Out When I Turn The Throttle:
    Adjust the screw with the spring on the side of the carb. clockwise to reduce gas flow and counterclockwise to allow more gas follow. Usually bogged down is caused too much gas going thru the carb. Give time for it to warm up. If that doesn't solved the problem, you need a new carb. My scooter is leaking oil from the Carburetor and Muffler areas

    Your gas mixture is too rich and you need to reduce the amount of oil a little. check the gasket between the carb and intake manifold. it might be bad or maybe the carb came loose due to engine vibration. |


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      Originally posted by JPM_03
      Your problem could be a number of things. From

      choke mabe?


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        if it's the chokes does that mean that i am running to rich and that i should close it a little while i am riding


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          could be?

          you dont say if its reed induction, split reeds give those symptons as do worn main bearing seals or even crap in the fuel tap, little bikes dont take much dirt to stop them running i fill my tank using a funnel with a COFFEE filter in it you`ll be suprised what comes out of gas station pump