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  • X2 pipe question...

    I'm new to the pocketbike world and I just bought my first X2. I weigh 205 and have been looking at different pipes to put on my bike to make up for my extra weight. The two main pipes ive been looking at are the "tuned X2 pipe" that sells for $180 and claims to add 15-20 mph to the top speed of my bike and the Stalker which claims to add 10-15 mph but is supposed to be much quieter and sells for $100. Exactly how much speed should I expect to get out of either and will the stalker make me quiet enough to ride around my neighboorhood all day w/o my neighboors complaining about the noise? Ive also been really curious about a super/turbo charger that ive heard of a couple times but havent seen any information on.
    Any help you can give about the pipes or an even better one would be great.

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    I have the X2 and I have added the JetPro Pipe, Walbro WA-15-2 Carb
    HighFlow AirFilter and a Rocket Key and I get my X2 to about 43 MPH on a flat and Im 240lbs.

    I dont know about the pipes u mentioned. Admin - A PocketBike Community


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      the only problem with the stalker is the exaust residue gets on you feet ,........ this is just a guess because i dont have one , but on the other hand the super pipe suposed to be quieter than stock an add the best overall performance


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        wats a super pipe?? THERE ARE JUST SO MANY!!! is there like ONE pipe that is just godly in comparison to all the others? ive heard Jetpro is supposed to be good for the X2 but ive only seen a couple on ebay...


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          I love my jetpro pipe. On ebay you need to beware of the fake Jetpros.
 - A PocketBike Community


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            s p

            look at the thred up top theres a pic