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Tried to drill off air filter bolts. No success. Why is this so harD!?

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  • Tried to drill off air filter bolts. No success. Why is this so harD!?

    I used a high power drill and attempted to drill the head of the screws off so that i could yank off the old air filter. This is what a few of you had told me to do and i tried it. The screw heads are so thick and i can't do anything to them. This is absolutley ridiculous. I cannot believe that they are on this tight and that i cannot remove them. I know plenty of you have modified bikes with air filters so how come you can remove yours and i can't! i have my new air filter but i can't do anything with it! I simply don't understand why i cannot take these screws off. The only way i see possible now is to take the frickin bike to a mechanic and have him do it. What is wrong with these things!?

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    You, young man, are a good canidate for a DREMEL. It really should be the first "mod" any pocketbiker should have. I've used mine countless times modding my Cag. You could cut the heads off with a reinforced cut-off disc in less than a minute.


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      A dremel huh? it might be kinda hard to put that in there because the black plastic air filter part might be in the way. I don't have a dremel either . But i am going to try this. Thanks


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        They make a flex shaft that you should be able to get in there, or you could just pull out the motor. I take mine out on my Cag all the time to work on it, way easier then trying to fight with tools in the limited space around the motor.