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whats the best pipe for x2

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  • whats the best pipe for x2

    I got an x2 with a walbo carb and a juice box whats the best pipe I can use for this????????

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    I think the X Super Pipe is the best one.

    I have tried all of the pipes that 'fit' (there are 4 of them) and I think the super pipe is by far the best.

    X-1 Super Pipe


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      s p

      i just ordered one my self ill let you guys know what i think


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        I use the JetPro pipe Admin - A PocketBike Community


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          hey synster hows that jet pro pipe workin for u


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            WOuldnt trade it for anything
   - A PocketBike Community


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              i heard alot of good things about proline pipe whos got that pipe??
              and how was it????


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                My two thumbs up for synister, jetPro pipes rock! there aint no peer to those.



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                  what doe you guys think about the 47cc sikk pipe


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                    2-stroke pipes are not supposed to be straight in diameter like a 4-stroke exhaust. A 2-stroke pipe needs taper and a center section. If a pipe doesn't have that, don't waste your money. The 49cc mid/superbikes have a problem with the exhaust outlet location. It comes out the rear of the engine, not giving much space for proper length. If you come straight out of the engine to the back of the bike, your not going to be able to build a pipe that will function very well. The JetPro pipe seems to be made the best and it has bends that appear to try and compensate for the limited space by adding length.

                    In most cases a canister style of exhaust, such as our new Stalker? will probably out perform most pipes that are made improperly.

                    Remember, just because someone sells a pipe doesn't mean that it works any better than the stock one. Some just copy other's designs that were made wrong to begin with.
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