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  • nitrous

    does any one know anything about the nitrous kits selling on ebay. do they realy work. and is it bad for the engine. has any one thought about puting a turbo on there mini bike. is it possibles sweet thanx

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    If setup wrong yes they can be bad for the engine.
    Even when setup right they can harm them.

    We've got a nitros kit for an XR50 thats going on one of the shop bikes very soon.
    We'll Keep you posted.

    Yes I've thought about turboing mine. Cooling, lubrication, fuelling and weight are the main problems. Gold Coast pocketbike racing forums.
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      turbo= comp. fan with motor and a battery pointing down the air filter
      he23hp longblock, hp carb,tgn filter ,sikk 1 pipe,rokit key,polished everthing


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        Originally posted by blingslowped
        turbo= comp. fan with motor and a battery pointing down the air filter
        COAST PED


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          turbo no....supercharger yes

          unless you have an oil pump an oil tank and could find a turbo charger small enough you cant turbo charge a 2stoke pocket bike.

          you could ( in theory ) SUPERCHARGE a pocket bike engine, but you must use a float chamber type carb, the presure of the air that you force into the engine MUST be equal to air pressure acting on the fuel in the float chamber, if the float chamber is vented to the air filter its easy you just pressurise the whole air intake, if not like my cag it has a pipe venting the float chamber, run the pipe to the supercharger too,
          you must remember pressure charging be it turbo or supercharger its not about high air pressure, what you want is a higher volume of air, cfm. on a small scale you could use a ducted fan unit i would say no bigger that 380 size, if you go to a model/hobbie store they will know what you mean, its an electric fan unit used in model jet aircraft there about 3 inches across and use a 380 electric motor that will run up to about 10v before damage occurs,
          personally ive used ducted fan units on real cars and motorcyles using 540 size motors that run at 12v and had suprising results both carb engines and fuel injected engines, extra power at the flick of a switch not like nos but you can feel the differance, i didnt think about doing it my cag........... think i will