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clutch problems i think!?!?!

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  • clutch problems i think!?!?!

    I am new to this fourm but have read it for a long time and i finally found a question that i think hasnt been asked

    ok i go to start the bike (49cc super rocket chinese pos...sory for that) and the electric start kicks in but freezes cause the back wheel is trying to turn so i tryed to pull start it and still the back wheel has to turn ok what i want to know is if the cltuch pices in the case are stuck and if so how can i break them loose whit out breaking it and if not where can i get a replacment that aint no 40 bucks for a " racing " clutch
    thanks for your help

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    well if its always engaged have you tried starting by coasting down a hill, maybe that will knock em loose, if you can find a place that sells those bikes in your area they prolly sell stock parts dirt cheap, i found a place for all my replacement parts.


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      nope no places around that sells parts but i did find a place that sell the shoes for prety dam cheep but is there another way to break them loose cause the only hill big enough for me to bump start it is on grass and no tracton for the tire but all so when i was moing it i had to hold the back end up cause the back tire wouldnt move at all (but made sure the chain wasnt to tight and that the bearings where ok)
      well t hanks for reply