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  • boost bottle

    do these things work on a reed valve carb setup. and if so how do the vapours get into the bottle is the reeds close to keep the gas in the engine?

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    yes they work

    i fitted a boost bottle to my cag its 47cc reed induction engine the pipe for the bottle is fitted in between the carb and the reed block, heres how it works: as the piston rises it draws air through the carb mixing it with fuel (Air fuel mix A/F) reeds are open, as the piston reaches TDC and starts to travel back down the cylinder the reeds close the without a boost bootle the air travelling though the carb slows and level fuel in the emulsion tube (main jet tube) drops creating a pulse (air through the carb goes quick slow quick slow) now with a boost bottle when the reeds shut the A/F mixture fills the bottle so the air flow through the carb is more constant and the fuel level in the emulsion tube remains constant, the end result of this is a more complete charge of A/F reaching the combustion chamber, if the size of the boost bootle is correct you may find after fitting you have to adjust the tickover as your engine is now getting more air and more fuel for the same throttle position, a juice box works on the same principle but is sanwiched between carb and reed block,

    adjust the length of pipe from reed block to bootle to alter at what rpm you want to improve power


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      about boost bottle

      yeah, i've seen them sell that thingy at some pocketbike sites.
      they work huh~ and the thing is do you have to refill them??
      and whats in that bottle????


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        it's empty, it just allows the air/fuel charge to go into it by way of physics and jiggery-pokery