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  • Help!!

    We're new to this forum...........I was actually looking for info. on our pocketbike and found you all.

    Anyways, we bought a chinese manufactured 49cc pocket bike about a month ago. It has maybe 3 hours on it. All of a sudden it won't start. My husband is having a fit. We've checked everything, but no luck. Finally it started and he rode around on it for a bit, then he turned it off and it won't start again. Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening?
    Also, where do you find parts for it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    next time it does not start pull out the plug and see if you have spark while pulling the starter. If you have spark then we know it is not electrical and must be fuel. If it is the fuel check the filter since the are known to plug


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      Thanks for the quickie response. We have spark, first thing we checked. He says we have fuel flowing threw it. UGH!!! When it finally started, hours ago, it ran fine. Now if he gets it to start at all, it runs for a second and dies out.

      One more thing, when he was checking the bike out this morning he found two melted was a ground. He replaced those asap. Why would they melt?

      I'm beginning to think we just wasted $350 plus all the stuff he bought to dress it up.

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        which bike do you have the mini or the bigger one with the lights and all the other junk


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          I got the bigger one.I just installed a new air filter when I started to have all these troubles.I can get the bike to run after about 30 blisters and drive around but when I go and shut it down then want to ride again it won't start, and the whole crap starts all over again.


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            sorry I dont know much about the bigger oners just the mini's