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    Just letting you guys know I've done a slight update today on setting up the pocketbike

    Heres a wee exert

    "Update October 3rd.

    Captains log stardate I forget 00..11100..01 sumpthing or other.

    We've had a run at the track and I'm a bit off the pace. Gearing seems to be the issue. So the next day I go and get some differnet gears. There's no racing this weekend due to a car show.

    I fix the pipe (which was a bit loose) and fit the gears. We make some extenders for the chain adjusters( I still want to run the standard gearing if needs be). Anyway, the only thing I haven't done is fit the heavy duty clutch springs and I need to. The bike revs like mad to take up on the clutch and I think if I fit the heavy duty springs it will make the difference.

    Took the stock bike out along with the modded one and my kid for a ride on them."

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