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    You know you have to cut the white wire on the stock throttle wire if your using the life04 pack with goped stock sla reach the little higher top off voltage.

    Generic appropriate charger

    Buy a throttle controller kit .I think I used a ezip 36v kit.
    I got this 12-60 v combo for $40 and some change on amazon.
    It pushes almost 55 amps when I did a dump test on a
    Little jig I made with a tire,motor and tension thing so it won't free spin off the rip
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      I'll be finishing this by the weekend.48v waterproof controller
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        Wow, big thanks for the details. I had no idea about the white wire for LiFePo4 pack. I sent my controller into Rusty to get PPV programmed, does that mean it's setup?

        I wish I had access to a Go Prammer to adjust the current. A full throttle blip will turn off the scooter. I have to disconnect, reconnect to recover. Slow steady ramp to 100% works just fine.
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          Holy christ! The gearing on the Iped looks crazy. What sprockets u got there?
          With the Torkinator it must be crazy fast. Whats the top speed?


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            30+ in about 5 seconds
            It would look pretty steep but actually works great.
            It feels like taking off in a airplane till it stops winding out.
            I don't let ppl ride it because its wired all time on the turbo
            ......someone dumped it and broke the button.
            Not an iped,esr sport thrown together from parts.
            A true Franklin ped if closely looked at.
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              Decks on esr sports are very spacious feeling
              Maybe that's why it rides so sweet.
              I need some new rubber on the back.


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                Originally posted by Len View Post
                Decks on esr sports are very spacious feeling
                Maybe that's why it rides so sweet.
                I need some new rubber on the back.
                Any updates? I was inspired by your post and have been messing around with the generic 24V & 36V controllers from amazon/ebay.

                The throttle is actually not that bad to figure out. I actually went and got the pins/plugs that mate up with the generic controllers. So pop-n-out now. Red is 5V, blk is GND, white is the 1-4V hall and then usually brown/yellow are the switch. That's just the generic thumb throttle coloring codes, not the Go Ped throttle.


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                  With the 36V controller, I melted a silver case motor using 13/76 gears. Just switched to 11/84 and need to test it outside.

                  As a note the stock hoverboard comes with 11/80 so I really was geared wrong before. I wasn't aware since the black case motors I have came with 15/76


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                    What gearing is everyone else running and which chain tensioner?