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Li-ion vs LiFePo batteries

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    Originally posted by ESR_RSE View Post
    I might cut back open those K2 packs and put in a different BMS that is closer to the cell output max.
    So I grabbed four cheap 4S LiFePO4 BMS units to see if the K2 cells work closer to their specs

    BMS Parameters:
    Maximum operating current: 30A
    Maximum instantaneous current: 56A
    Over charge voltage range: 3.75V±0.05V
    Quiescent current: less than 30uA
    Internal resistance: less than 20mΩ

    3P LFP26650EV cells should be 36A operating max w/ 86A instant max.

    Another little benefit will be to add another parallel connection across the batteries in the middle. Resolves the issue of the weakest battery from the weakest pair being the one that cuts out. (other "bottom" battery can help on the amp draw)

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      So what are some inexpensive Lithium battery packs that I can purchase that can hold up to when I upgrade to a Torkinator motor ??? Thank you for reading and any info given.


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        I am finally getting around to test the K2 units with the better BMS (B07CB14RT1 off Amazon OOS now though)

        There really is not any cheap "drop-in" Lithium battery that can do 100A instant. You pretty much have to build them due to the strange sizing of the Go Ped pan.

        I wish the story was different but 24V and really cramped pan creates a lot of barriers. The batteryspace 8Ah LiPo is expensive but does the job. But if you are about to be dropping $800 on batteries then probably best to switch to another platform. I think I spent $100 for a pair of K2 packs which I chopped up and added $20 of BMS to, so ~$120 but takes time to reassemble. Maybe it can do a Torkinator since supports 112A instant on paper.

        Post #11 is pretty much spot on with the cheapest 120A instant battery pack:
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          Tried one pack (not parallel setup) down the apt hallway. BMS did not trip with full throttle on Econ mode. Promising.

          Holy....I forgot how peppy the black case motors are. Way too fast to try and test Turbo indoors (only set at 35A)

          Update: Fun and fast the 15/76 with black case motors are for sure. Zero issues with full throttle acceleration with the new BMS on the K2 cells. I wish they came like this. I did have to trim a lot of the blue shrink wrap to get all four to fit. I probably should of had the wires exit out the top.
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