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Li-ion vs LiFePo batteries

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    Found this twin pack on amazon:


    So perhaps 2x orders of those to create 22.2V ~12Ah Go Ped battery? Seems not bad pricing to support the Torkiantor but would spin slower than a 8 cell LiFePO4 battery. (6S LiPoly @ 4.2v is 25.2v compared to 8S LiFePO4 @ 3.6v is 28.8v) Thus trade off of supporting the acceleration vs top speed.

    Or seems can get 14Ah for sub $200

    That is pretty damn reasonable
    if it supports the Torkinator for 200 cycles at min. Downside of having to invest in LiPo gear (fire bags, LiPo specific charger, adding external access ports, etc) and increased risk of burning down your house

    Wow even 18Ah for around $250
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      Delete. Forgot that 8S LiPo will have too high voltage unless alter GoPed controller (not done yet by someone but there are ideas) or use a special charger that can be configured to under charge the LiPo to not the full 4.2v per cell.

      Sweet spot for LiPoly (w normal chargers) is that 7S which is what GoPed uses in the Torkinators (batteryspace unit)
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