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Spotted this today.

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  • Spotted this today.

    in fort de France,hub motor.
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    Originally posted by Len View Post
    in fort de France,hub motor.
    These are made by a German design office, a small one, in Berlin-Wedding. they raised more than 350k on Kickstarter, i was uncertain if the product would ever materialise.

    I don' t recall the name atm, if it comes to me I will update this.

    A few years back FlashBZ posted them up on GPN the first time, at that time it was just a computer plotted design.

    I think they sold at 3k and where said to go around 45 Km/h ( 32 miles around) tops, the speed restriction may be due EU laws so the international versions may be a bit faster ( not much). I may be wrong on that detail and it may be a 800W motor, if I recall the name I may find that info.

    This looks like plenty of steering wobble at speed despite the rake, thought and not easy on the back or to control in general without a shock absorber. But the wide tires may make that suitable for the beach.

    Nice to see it has made it into reality, someone should make a cheap yet sturdy electric bike with fatty tyres and high top seed at a price point of 2500 or less and that should fly of the shelves even faster there.
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      These have been sold in the US for about a year. When I first saw them they were called Bigfoot electric scooter I think on CL. Can't find them anymore but Walmart sells a version now.


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        Ssr(the pit bike company) makes one as well. It's Called the seev-800 or something like that, I've seen it pop up when looking for pit bike parts.


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          I can't make out the fender.
          But the seat is clearly visible.
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            Originally posted by Len View Post
            I can't make out the fender.
            But the seat is clearly visible.
            Another product name is Scrooser, Flash-heavy webpage available in english: ( ).

            Seems that this, like many kickstarters, roots back to one chinese manufacturers concept that then is rebranded, minimally altered and then put on Kickstarter to actually sell it with a story that goes down better than those of a chinese engineer and designer who do not speak english and pics of their sweatshop.

            The Walmart "ewheels" version has front shocks, the posted pic on the Scrooser page has none.

            Front brake
            Hydraulic Disc Brake
            Rear brake
            Mechanical Disc Brake
            18 x 9.5 - 8
            Seat height
            27.6 inches
            Distance axles
            50.8 inches
            Total length
            69.3 inches
            Total width
            31.7 inches
            Handlebar height
            43 inches
            Own weight
            123 lb without battery
            Allowed total weight
            330 lb
            Motor power
            Electric wheel hub motor: 500 W, max. torque: 65 Nm
            Lithium-ion battery 36 V, 20 Ah, 728 Wh
            Charging time
            2.5 - 4 hours
            3.7 | 12.4 | 15.5 mph
            34 mi

            That first picture looks pretty much like their design concept ( was without any shock absorbers) but with simplified fenders.

            The Scrooser has a topspeed of 15.2 Mph out of 500w permanent power engine, comes with sinewave controller ( torque-based throttle) and promsiing 65Nm maximum torque.

            The wallmart version has higher range, topspeed, front shock absorbers, bluetooth speaker and keyfob gimmicks and comes with a 800w hubotor but a standard controller ( no specs on controller or batteries posted).

            The pictured one could be an early version scrooser, the front brake currently is hydro and the rear a manual disc, on the pics its both manual brakes.

            But the color and design schme would fit their early drawings with whom they went on to sell those.
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              Check the 2nd from top pciture of the Scrooser wepage ( 3rd if counting in the folddown picture att eh very top).

              The same color scheme and even the front brake looks the same , just the rims are not white any more and the rear reflector as well as the badge on the fender indicate it was a similarly simple version by the same manufacturer, just sold under another label being stitched into the saddle.

              The Scrooser is controlled by push power and will not start without being pushed into action, no matter if choosing the road legal or offroad version, and increases the power put into it.

              That leads me to believe that there must be version for the lazy market which wants to pull a trigger to go and not push on themselves.
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                The posted one has simpler deck finish/ material and the battery case is thinner than on the Walmart version.