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Goped ESR750 Acceleration Problem

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  • Goped ESR750 Acceleration Problem

    Whats up guys, I have an 08' ESR750 and I was about to take it out tonight. I got on the scooter and went to hit the throttle and once I hit it, the the scooter sort of nudged forward and then shut off and I had no power. I figured it was just a glitch or something and powered it back on. I tried again and it did the same thing.

    Took it back to my garage and plugged it in and the charger had a green light indicating it was fully charged even though I just tried to ride it. So I unplugged the charging cord and usually the light will shut right off. Now, it slowly fades away.

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    I'm going to check the motor brushes today but I feel like that's not the problem. What do you guys think it is?


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      Sounds like a weak battery issue. SLA batteries? If so they fail like clockwork. Mainly after a long period of storage. Being '08 pretty much any style of rechargeable battery is past it's due date.
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        Wow, someone replied. Yes I load tested the batteries and 3/4 were bad. They were fairly new battery s aswell. I didn't ride it too much but they were in storage fully charged. Will that hurt them?


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          sla batteries require constant trickle charging in my experience.

          Never just store sla batteries charged or not.


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            So how would I do this with the on board charger, is it possible?


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              Buy an actually ac timer off eBay cheap.
              I have my hb,esr sport and a couple hvb2's on one timer and
              Just set it to turn on every third day for 12 hrs.


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                if the switch is in turbo mode and you give full throttle, it aint gonna work (high AMPS) when you have or weak/dead battery's or motor defect ( mostly brushes ) or both

                Put your step on a table sow the tire is free to rotate.

                Take 1 battery and connect it directly to the motor(it will spark a liitle bit ), give some resistance to the tire......if it stops directly ( because of the higher AMPS ) the battery is dead(after full charge )...( you have to do this 4 times (4 battery's )

                2 things you tested now, you motor and your battery ....


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                  I kinda have same problem..anyb any know what the symtom is?