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Looking for wiring help - Hardtire Hoverboard II

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  • Looking for wiring help - Hardtire Hoverboard II

    So I have a new project, a Hoverboard II Hardtire, does anyone have any info on the four wires going up the handlebar? I know they are for the Go-Key but the whole assembly is missing. There is a green (might be red, I forgot), white and two black wires. Does anyone have any documentation at all on these things? Wiring diagram, manual, ect.
    Thank you

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    One wire goes to the brake lever as a cutoff. So when you brake the power cuts to the motor.

    I have a working one in my possession and it's actually listed for sale in the classifieds here. But I'm prob too lazy to take the deck off to look at any wiring


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      Wire the colored together and ground the black wires


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        Thank you guys, I actually searched on facebook and found old pictures of the internals Evo which will help out and thank you Len on that info. That is super helpful.

        One last thing, the wires for the flux capacitor are broken off at the solder point, any chance someone can get a picture of the wiring for that?


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          If I remember it's just two contact points.
          You could just wire the two together and bypass the buss/meter.


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            Yes some came with no flux capacitor in the deck.


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              There are 3 wires and I think I found the spot they go to as it's the only 3 wire pin not being used, but I really don't want to be just connecting wires willy nilly ha ha


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                There are 4 wires from the controller up to the handlebars. There is a black wire that goes from the gnd on the hall sensor setup over to the Go Key, so it will often look like 5 wires.

                Factory the two twisted black wires and the green wire go to the DC port. That DC port fits the go-key and bridges the connection.

                The regen braking circuit has the red, black and white wires. I've heard that the original design used a reed switch but attaching a Hall sensor setup. To bypass you just connect the black and white together and insulate the red wire. To attempt to get regen functioning then use attached diagram.
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                  I haven't been on here for a while but thanks for your reply. I ended up ditching all the stock stuff because the boards were no good and went with a 500 watt controller and custom chain drive setup on 8s lipo. Turned out really well. I bought out a camera battery shop that was switching from lipo to 18650 and have a box of around 200 4s 2700mah lipo batteries lol. Trying to throw them in all my electric peds.


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                    *Anyone with stealth or old hoverboard controllers or chargers PM me*

                    Fixing a Hoverboard II where the controller board was damaged. I'm working to repair it now and did replace the PNP transistor and capacitor that sources the 24v to 12v voltage regulator on the upper left side of the board. Good news is that with those fixes the board LED does light up when installing the GND to Green connection. (GoKey)

                    This one came with the regen braking circuit still intact. The stock unit uses a 42E hall sensor. A3142 but the noted SS441 should work just fine. Going to try and get the regen working on this Hoverboard.

                    Exact looking part is show below:
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                      Controller fixed! Love these brushless Hoverboards.
                      Going to swap the hall sensor setup for an electric bike brake lever. They now sell them with the micro-switches built in but I would need a Normall Closed connection that opens up with the brake press, not sure that exists. The hall sensor I heard can be picky and a pain.
                      Also updating the wiring to a light up latch button for on/off. The Go Key seems to want to fall out.
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                        Goped has the older chargers on clearance of you are still looking


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                          Both light up when press on the left blue on/off. Then press green to cut the throttle and activate the regenerative braking.

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                            How much to fix my controller boss? I can’t find someone local to fix it.


                            • #15
                              I can't do any work at the moment until the virus stuff ends.

                              Where are you located? I would be interested in the broken parts.