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K2 battery exploration

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    Possibly they might not be up to the task but the new BMS should at least help. The cells should do 56A instant and since in parallel then that is 112A and I split the cells since I can wire up the pairs of battery pack in parallel too. That way it is not the "weakest" pack of two in series since the other pack can try and help.

    The super high amps are right at the dead stop based upon acceleration. The steady state of the motors is actually quite low in amps when on a flat road.

    I turned down the controller to 35A using the Go Prammer but I think the "catch-up" of the amp limiting is slow so that is more of a full speed amp limit.
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      These were sitting on my desk for like forever. Virus time so finally got testing. Full A+ on the black case motor and 15/76 gearing for the stock ESR. F'in fun since super lightweight and does not drop in speed like the SLA due to no voltage sag. Ripped around the block quite a few times. Yikes in sandals and no helmet since forgot how fast the ESR is.

      Here is the BMS I used on each of the 12V packs:

      Seems you can still find it on Amazon (7312870103235) for like $4 or so each if search. Looks like you can still get a pair of 24V K2B24V10EB on eBay for $100 + shipping. So these are pretty rad if you want to take the time to adjust them.

      $150 for time and materials spent for 24V nearly 20Ah setup or spend $800 on stock GoPed LiFePO4, your choice.
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        If i was building a second set I would likely integrate the two packs into one shrink setup. You would lose the cell monitoring external connections but should not be that big of an issue. The BMS handles balancing out the cells.

        I just bid $60 on another pair of 24V 9.6Ah K2 batteries and might do just that.

        I also have a kWeld I have yet to put to work. Going to make some really great battery packs with that.
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          Hope all is well! It has been some time but been cruising on my ESR since the weather has been super nice lately. Still interested in this battery conversion as with the 4 SLA batteries it is way too heavy. Any chance you would be interested in making a set of batteries for me? I would try but i am terrible with electronics (Tried multiple times to learn as much as i can and still dont trust myself doing anything like this hahah.