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2020 ESR750 Upgrade / Lithium / Brushless Motor / Belt Drive.

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  • 2020 ESR750 Upgrade / Lithium / Brushless Motor / Belt Drive.

    Here is my current progress. I recently purchased a used ESR750 local here in California. I love the design and how long the deck is. That's what sold me on this scooter.

    After a few trips around the neighborhood with my son on his Razor E300, I noticed the batteries would die out around 15 minutes. They are used so understandable, The default motor speed was ok, but I know I want more! So, I started the hunt for battery alternatives to get into lithium batteries for increased range and torque. Seemed like the few options I had were way to costly from the companies that make these for the ESR line. So after a long search online and reading many forums including this one I decided maybe its better to just convert this entire scooter to a full brushless motor system with matching Lithium batteries!

    My end goal was to get the speed to 30mph and 10-12 mile total range. The 6374 brushless motor and matching battery pack specs seem to match.

    I ordered the parts I needed.

    The biggest surprise was the weight reduction. After pulling out the old 4 SLA batteries and 750w motor and replacing both with the new motor and flat battery pack, I lost over 20 pounds on the scooter. Huge reduction! I was amazed.

    The new motor is about 40% the size of the old one. I drilled out the hole pattern for the new motor on the existing support bracket.

    Battery Info:
    Range: 12-15+ Miles (19.3-24+ Km)
    Top Speed: 30+Mph (48+ Kmh)

    Nominal Voltage: 44.4V
    Capacity: 9000mAh
    Power: 388.8Wh
    Cells: Samsung 30q
    Weight: 76oz (2.15Kgs)
    Connection: XT60 Female connector

    Battery Dimensions:
    Length: 13.1" (334mm)
    Width: 5.3" (135mm)
    Thick: 1.3" (35mm)

    Motor KV: 180kv
    Model Type: 6374
    Motor Wind: 13
    Idle current: 1.7A
    Motor Resistance: 0.053Ohm
    Max. Power: 3250W
    ESC: 80-100A
    Connectors: 4mm Bullet
    Shaft Diameter: 8mm

    VESC Controller: BLDC ESC 4.12
    Current: 50A continuous / 240A peak
    Voltage: 8V-60V (Cells: 3-13S LiPo)

    I modified the wood deck to accommodate the new battery pack to be mounted inside and attached under the deck top.

    I 3D printed all parts to mount the VESC controller and cable management in the existing bottom tray.

    All parts were purchased from I chose this company as they provided all the DIY eSkateboard parts and fantastic response on questions I had. They are located in Nevada. Parts were shipped quick! Very nice.

    I had to do a little research on how to setup the VESC controller software with the battery, motor and thumb throttle. Really not bad. About 15 minutes of setting parameters and writing to the controller.

    This little monster motor literally sound like a turbine! Its hilarious!

    Having such a fun time updating this scooters technology. I had to order a special 15t front gear as the shaft bore diameter on the new motor is 8mm with a set screw.

    So far with a few test runs my scoot now hits around 25mph and plenty of torque. Gearing is 15T on the motor, 92T on the rear. I based the rear tooth count on the diameter of the old chain gear. May need to play with it to see the difference in gear ratios.

    Belt / Motor spin up test:

    This is still a (work in progress)
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    Amazing work. This is the kind of details we need to take these ESR into 2020 and further.

    I gathered a few similar parts but kind of fell flat on finishing the work. Super glad for this post.

    Alien Power Systems 63100 motor, Flipsky VESC 4.12 and bought a kWeld to build up a battery from A123 cells.

    I believe the 100mm stator picks up some more torque vs. 74mm
    • MODEL: APS 63100
    • KV: 140
    • MAX POWER: 4500W
    • TORQUE: 7.5 NM
    I would need to use different gearing than you since this motor spins 140 times per volt applied. Poking around it seems most 6374 are around 3-4 NM torque figures. I also would not want to have the max speed more than 25 mph.

    Can you share further details? Such as VESC settings (or profile file?) and thumb throttle used?

    I can shove the modified K2 cells I built (details in another thread) and run them all in series to create a 48v 9.6Ah battery for testing.
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      FYI you might want to add anti-spark connectors to the VESC. They also make a coupler that includes an on-off that would work as an anti-spark.

      I am using the Cycle Satiator as my charger. Allows me to charge 12-72v batteries depending on the settings I apply to the profiles.

      Looks like you have enough room in the original pan that you could mount a matching charger in there if you wanted to keep the 120V plug into wall "ease of use".
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        Thanks for the positive feedback. After about a week of riding around with this setup the only issue I have really found is that the VESC 4 gets hot after a few minutes and throttles back quite a bit. Must be due to the amperage passing through.

        I tried riding at night only when the temperature outside was cool and it resumes normally. So this particular VESC version is sensitive to heat and how hard I am pushing it.

        I rode it for almost an hour at the beach last night with no problems. Super fun cruising it around.

        I completely removed the bottom metal battery tray and installed all the electronics into the deck to improve airflow on the bottom. Seems to be working efficiently now.

        Next upgrade I am thinking about to eliminate the heat issue is this VESC:

        That would be a big upgrade and should allow more power to pass through the VESC module on burst. Reviews looks good on that model. Aluminum housing. Only available from the UK it looks like.

        Or the other option is a FOCBOX ESC Controller, researching those as well. Mostly used on fast electric skateboards and mountain boards.

        I integrated the power button on the back recessed into the wood deck, the charger port is integrated into the deck as well on the rear left side. Very easy to charge up. Takes about an hour and a half to a full charge.

        That motor you mentioned should be plenty. APS motors are known to be little power houses.

        The throttle I used was actually just a cheap thumb throttle off Amazon:

        My VESC settings were actually really easy, basically followed the instruction from MBoards VESC Setup video:

        I changed a few things along the way that were specific to my motor and battery model vs his setup in the video.


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          Thanks for the fast reply. So I also picked up the alum housing for the Flipsky, I think yours is also in the "heatsink housing". Here is the 6.6 VESC I picked up in case I needed a cooler running unit on the 63100. I should of bought the second one the guy was selling since it was only $130 shipped for the 6.6

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            Cool stuff!

            I just went on mboards, I was at $949 for a skateboard lol

            Im not a money miser, but I’ll throw another grand at the hot rod truck and keep kickin on the board 😝
            Lookin for a new goat...mine is wore the hell out!

            Originally posted by Dirtmonkey
            Slitz is taken. We'll let you be Clitz.


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              I think I spent around $500.00 for parts for the scoot.


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                This is great info! I am currently building up my ESR and will try to write up details on it as I progress. These posts really help others build theirs.

                I still need to order all of the battery cells, motor and electronics.

                My plan:
                21700 Cells - 7s and 9-12p
                6374-63100 motor - Not sure which is better for my needs. Torque is nice but cruising speeds up to 25MPH is preferred.

                So far I am have the ESR on slicks, PMT wheels, hydraulic front brake, and flybars. I am adding more as I go and hope to have it complete for next summer.

                Good luck on your builds!


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                  Very cool! Do you have any photos so far of your parts? Which model front brakes are you using? Slicks are the same size front and back?


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                    You should lean towards the bigger motors. I think there is also a 6384 that is $99 on Amazon. You can always adjust the gearing to get your desired top speed. Hard to create more torque, easy to tone it back with VESC programming.


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                      Just an update, I upgraded to the TorqueBoards (Torque6) VESC. Much better! No more overheating issues. Very nice unit.


                      Also upgraded the front motor pulley to the Torqueboards model which is built much stronger, now everything is rock solid!

                      If I had to pick the final wish list upgrade, it would be a bigger battery, something like a 10S4P for more range and voltage.


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                        Did you buy assembled batteries with the 18650 cells? From the photos it looks like 12S2P and they are wired (2) in parallel and (2) in series. Is that correct?


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                          I haven't made much progress on my ESR build unfortunately. The project has had to go on the back burner due to work getting extremely busy. I am hoping to get the motor, controller, and sprockets/belt pulleys complete before deciding on the battery cell. I have been going back and forth on the 21700 Samsung 40T or 50E. The amp requirement will make the decision for me . Either way it looks like these are my current options:

                          21700 40T:
                          1. 7s9p - 28.7VDC & 36AH - Max Discharge C: 315A
                          2. 8s9p - 32.8VDC & 36AH - Max Discharge C: 315A

                          21700 50E:
                          1. 8s9p - 32.8VDC & 45AH - Max Discharge C: 88.2A
                          2. 8s10p - 32.8VDC & 50AH - Max Discharge C: 98A


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                            That is correct, wired in series and parallel. I do know with the 63700 series motors you need to go with a 10s or 12s configuration minimum.


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                              Originally posted by aztecsurf View Post
                              Just an update, I upgraded to the TorqueBoards (Torque6) VESC. Much better! No more overheating issues. Very nice unit.


                              Also upgraded the front motor pulley to the Torqueboards model which is built much stronger, now everything is rock solid!

                              If I had to pick the final wish list upgrade, it would be a bigger battery, something like a 10S4P for more range and voltage.
                              Which front pulley exactly did you end up going with? How many tooth is your rear sprocket?