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Goped Complete Shut Off

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  • Goped Complete Shut Off

    Hi, my lithium goped works fine and then everything shuts off. No lights, nothing. I have to disconnect the batteries and then reconnect them to the controller to get the current back on. I have tested both lithium packs under load. One is weak but the other is OK. So even if one BMS shuts down I should still have current from the other pack. So I am thinking it might be the controller board. Maybe one of the relays. Has this ever happened to you? Any other thoughts? Thanks !

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    It is the BMS.


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      Thanks. I am intrigued.

      My set-up is 2 x 24v 9A batteries in parallel each with an integrated BMS.

      So even if only one battery BMS shuts off why would the ther battery not continue supplying current ? Does one BMS send a signal to the other?


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        From my experience the load on the single battery becomes almost instantly too great and they both trip. I have always wondered why the BMS do not just self-reset but I am sure the circuitry to do that was either expensive or the BMS design did not plan for the type of applications we are applying the batteries to. I had dakota lithium cells that were properly rated "on paper" but I found that in the scooter application the controller can really dig deep into the battery and ask for like 100+ A

        Can you share further details on the BMS and cell specs? Perhaps there is a way to resolve.

        I would think that your ESR controller has not been reprogrammed to such a level where the cell droop in voltage is encountering the low voltage cutoff of the controller.
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          Thanks ESR_RSE. Very useful. I have reached out to the pack manufacturer. They could agree to take them in, test, repair or replace.... I tested both packs under load independently and one is weak and heats up. That could be it as you said. Will keep you posted.


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            Yeah hope you get that sorted out. The kind of packs that go in these scooters are not inexpensive. Do you have details as to battery specs or who built them?