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New Project Incoming! ESR Hoverboard Full Upgrade.

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  • New Project Incoming! ESR Hoverboard Full Upgrade.

    Looks like I am ready for my next ESR overhaul project. I got a hold of a used Hoverboard. Nice shape. It had a dead controller and batteries. Perfect. Ripped those right out and now getting ready to replace everything with the Lithium battery setup like my other build and the TorqueBoards VESC6. Will go with a larger 10S4P battery this time but fitting that long and wide of a battery in the deck will take some creative work.

    Question, it looks like this suspension / frame can take some abuse. Jumps, off-road, etc. Anyone know the limits? It looks like they used the same frame/suspension as the Gas Trail Ripper series Gopeds, which from the videos I have seen, can take some serious off-road abuse.

    Ideally I am trying to build the ultimate off-road beast. Fast and Tough!

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    Just swap the tires to knobby style and should switch focus to the batteries. You would want to try and keep them from bouncing around inside.


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      HI aztecsurf, I have been researching on the electric skateboard forums and most of them swear by dual motor setup for off road. the engine braking is better as well as the torque. I know on the ESR this would be a difficult setup but could yield great results. I had the idea of doing (2) 6355 motors in the original ESR motor tube. the added VESC is not great on cost though.

      Are you ordering a similar battery pack to the one you have on the ESR? I would recommend building your own cells if you are up to it. You can get way better form factor in general and better performance if you select the more expensive cells. Currently I am looking at the INR21700-40T cells for the packs I want to build. The 50E version has better longevity but suffers from Amps output.

      More amps should result in more torque on a larger motor with less KV. I believe a 10S6P can fit in the original pan if done right. That is a lot of amps, WH, and volts to have fun off-road. Just my 2 cents.


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        I actually removed the original pan, then custom made a deck that accommodated the new battery dimensions and also mounted the VESC controller to the belly of the deck as well.