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Hi, I'm selling a gsr cheap!!! with mods!!!

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  • Hi, I'm selling a gsr cheap!!! with mods!!!


    My name is Harry I work for a authorized Goped dealer...Rudy's auto sales 812-372-7212..look it up on dealer page of goped if you don't believe me....I'm sellng my personal Gsr40 for $575.00
    It has very low hrs on it like maybe 5 or less it ...about 3 or so tank fill ups....anyways I need the's the info

    pro clamp
    upgraded levers
    Ada hp billet intake kit(yes that includes the 2 screw adjustment carb) better than tsi version
    7 tooth new sprocket(hasn't been put on yet)
    steel ftg
    x-ped slide tube
    tsi style throttle and kill switch
    very mild port job

    it's in great condition....a few scratches on the bottom of the frame
    it hasn't been jumped and has no chain probs whatsoever...

    shiping will be exactly what it cost to get to you...okay

    any questions please call me at 812-552-1705 i also have voice mail or
    email me at [email protected] (i can only get up to 150 letters per email on my phone, so email more messages if needed)

    thanks for looking.....if you rather ne put this on ebay let me know as well I have excellant feedback

    :-) ps I'll try to post a pic later
    or send one if needed...

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    my gsr40 pic

    got questions, let me know..


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      would you be willing to trade the gsr for
      ssk with
      black ada stem
      g230rc with a lh flywheel and crank
      sikk toys 27cc race ported topend
      matched and ported cases
      extreme toys .675 spindle
      RARE prototype ROC pipe in raw
      357 carb
      short stack filter with tall rc v stck
      tall intake manifold
      plus - ill throw in a 603 carb and maybe a custom rewelded extreme toys pipe with a custom super beefy bracket and a itheworks pipe mount bracket

      the ped is pretty beat up lookin, but its very fast and has a lot of power. if you want, i may be able to throw in some cash along with the trade. do u live in the bay area? if so, i may be able to do a direct trade in person if ur interested.