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FS Gp460 with pipe, mount and extras

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  • FS Gp460 with pipe, mount and extras

    First up for sale is my gp460. I bought it off a member here not to long ago with plans of keeping it for future projects but realized i could use the money. That being said I haven't started it myself but was told its in good working condition. It has some cuts on the case and I don't know why they were made but it doesn't look like they affect how it works in any way.The mount is in good shape and it seems to have no play bit the 6 tooth sprocket will need to be replaced. It comes with a new engine shroud and was told it had new clutch as well. Also has the rc pull start conversion. It comes with a pacsales racer 460 pipe that has been welded at the flange and painted. It comes with a pipe bracket but I don't know if it will fit so you might need to fabricate one. Also included are all the extras seen in the pics. Price for this one is 250 plus shipping. IMAG1881_1.jpgIMAG1888_1.jpgIMAG1885.jpgIMAG1889_1.jpgIMAG1884.jpg

  • #2
    No carb?
    Originally posted by Ogre
    I knew I was forgetting something, LUUBE!!!


    • #3
      I forgot to mention it does come with a carb.


      • #4
        I thought I had posted another pic that was supposed to go here but it also includes an air filter, v stack, carb, 2 copper gaskets for top and bottom?, intake manifold gasket, carb to manifold gasket, 2 exhaust gaskets and ddm pullstart sticker


        • #5
          Was forgetting also comes with a kill switch, and a kill switch cable.


          • #6
            ad is kinda sketchy would u take 200 shipped for everything


            • #7
              No, too low. Sorry.


              • #8
                I see a front wheel in pic 1


                • #9
                  IMAG1892_1.jpgIMAG1886.jpgIMAG1906.jpgIMAG1908.jpgIMAG1910.jpg I figured out how to load up more pics. I hadn't taken off the mount but now that I did I see that the clutch shoes are really worn and will need to be replaced so because of that I will drop the price to 215 shipped.


                  • #10
                    and the carb is probably fried to. reconsider my offer for everything?


                    • #11
                      Sale pending


                      • #12
                        Still available?


                        • #13
                          No its not available anymore, just got done with the transaction earlier today, sorry.