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WANTED: GoPed Roller, any condition

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  • WANTED: GoPed Roller, any condition

    Hey, guys. I want a Sport, SS, Xped, or SPX roller. It must be affordable, preferably not totally trashed.


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    have a blue sport roller, nice 1 year old, or less, 150 bucks pm me or email me [email protected]
    i loved stitch last night


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      I havea martin mini and sport roller for sale. Both complete. I hoestly liek the Martin better. just like an xped. Xped blue, very thick frame, one billet wheel, one other that is cast (not plastic) Front and rear suspension. And a 1.5l WHITE tank. I also have a red sport roller. I FULLY reinforced the rear box with my welder so a lot of the powdercoat on the the rear is gone. But i will be more than happy to paint it. Also has a Grey 1.5 L tank, xped pole, MD Stem, and mini bars.

      Im looking 130 plus shipping on the martin and 115 plus shipping on the sport.

      Jeff Stutz


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        Thanks you guys.. I should not have said that I'd be okay with a Sport model. I want bothy forks too. I'm sure the Martin Mini is sweet, but I'm going to stick with the Goped brand. Thanks!